Yudokoro / Bath

  • Ashiyu Foot Bath Garden Ashiyu Foot Bath Garden
  • Ashiyu Foot Bath Garden
  • Large Bath Large Bath
  • Open-Air Bath Open-Air Bath
  • Hinoki Cypress Bath Hinoki Cypress Bath
  • Stone Bath Stone Bath
  • Bed-Bath Bed-Bath
  • Private Onsen Bath Private Onsen Bath
  • Nano Mist Sauna

Traditional Japanese Bathing Protocol

  1. Perform Kakeyu BEFORE entering the bath.
    Kakeyu is the customary practice of splashing hot water onto the lower part of the body prior to entering the bath. This helps to acclimate your body to the bath temperature. First rinse the entire body thoroughly with very warm water. Then, using the provided pail, scoop some water from the small Kakeyu basin and splash it over your lower body.
  2. Carefully make your way to the bath.
    Slowly submerge your body in stages, all the way up to the chest area. Soak until your skin is softened and your body is warmed through. This may take anywhere from a minute to a few minutes.
  3. Slowly emerge from the bath, towel off excess water and carefully make your way back the washing station.
    Now is the time for scrubbing. Take a seat on a stool or use the Western-style shower stall. Use the washcloth and soap to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. A twisted, wrung out washcloth makes a great scrubber. You may scrub your back by holding the long washcloth at either end and using a sawing motion over your backside. Wash your hair if necessary. Thoroughly rinse yourself, being sure to remove every trace of soap and dead skin cells. Thoroughly rinse the washcloth, using the pail as a washbasin, changing the water several times. Re-secure the hair if necessary. Now you are ready for a more prolonged soak in the bath.
  4. Take care not to overheat in the bath. A short soak, followed by a cooling off period, is customary.
    Stay within your comfort range. If you find the water too hot, seek a cooler area further away from the hot water inlet. At the end of the bathing session, a quick cool shower can lower body temperature and close the pores. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids and rehydrate.

Bathing Etiquette

  1. Please remove All clothing and leave personal items, except for those items specified below, in your locker.
    Cell phones, cameras, food, and beverages are NOT PERMITTED in the bathing area.ALLOWED items include: a Japanese-style washcloth and the locker-key bracelet. Soap, shampoo and conditioner are provided, but you may bring your own if you prefer.
    Please wear your locker-key bracelet around your wrist or ankle at all times.
  2. The Japanese-style washcloth is quite long and may be held over the front of the body for modesty while walking to and from the bath.
  3. Please help maintain a quite environment by keeping your voice lowered.
  4. Perform Kakeyu BEFORE entering the bath.
    Kakeyu is the customary practice of splashing hot water onto the lower part of the body prior to entering the bath. This helps to acclimate your body to the onsen water temperature. Using the provided pail, scoop some water from the small Kakeyu basin and splash it over your lower body.
  5. Washing stations may not be reserved.
    However, if the washing station area is fairly empty, you may leave your things there for later use.
  6. Please use the hand-held shower head carefully so as not to spray water on other people.
  7. Please secure longer hair with hair ties, a shower cap, or bundle in a towel.
  8. Swimming in the bath is prohibited.
  9. Keep a watchful eye on your minor children at ALL times.
  10. Please keep the washcloth away from the bath water. Never rinse or wring your washcloth out in the bath.
    Keep your towel folded on the hedge or a rock, or put it on your head while bathing. Never clean your body in the Bath.
  11. Please always make room for other guests to enter the bath.

How to Wear Yukata

Enjoy “Yukata” during your stay.

  1. Wear your favorite yukata loosely over your shoulders with the undergarment. Hold the yukata open and fit the center back-seam of the yukata to align with your spine. Raise the yukata to make the hemline come to the height of your ankles.
  2. Bring the right-hand side in around to your left hip, then left side over the right. Make sure again the bottom of the yukata comes down to your ankles and is an even length on both sides. Keep the collar loose around your neck. If you are able to insert 2 fingers between the back of your neck and the garment, you have a good fit.
  3. Holding the yukata closed, wrap the sash (obi) around yourself two to three times. Leave enough length to tie a bow.
  4. For men, tie the sash around your waist and ensure that the knot comes to the right side.
  5. For women, tie the sash around your waist. Ensure that the line of the knot comes to the line of left overlap. Do not bring the knot directly in front or back.

Rock Sauna

Manyo Club at Yokohama is offering 4 unique healing Rock Sauna Sanctuaries (Extra Fees Apply). Refresh your mind and body with the natural healing powers of four distinctive healing saunas, created by the specific combinations of 8 ore.

Hours of Operation: Open 16-hours per day, from 11a.m. to 3a.m.

Rock Sauna Fees:
JPY 960 (excl. tax) for Regular Guest
JPY 670 (excl. tax) for Tomonokai and VIP Members (Individual and Corporate)

Rock Saunas are available for guests 13 years and above.
Parental/Guardian supervision for admission is required for guests 18 years and below.

Click here to learn more about the properties and benefits of ore and rock salt.


LADIES ONLY MAIFAN ROCK SAUNAReap the therapeutic benefits of the heat generated by Far Infrared Rays and mineral stones in this rejuvenating cinnabar-hued sauna. Far Infrared Rays warm the body gently and penetrate deeply; promoting cellular metabolism and the discharge of sebum. Mineral-rich Maifan stones are used in Chinese medicine to treat skin conditions and to import micro-nutrients to drinking water. By lying on a warm natural stone bed in this special sauna, you can relax and enjoy this detoxifying experience.

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits from 14 Beds including; 4 Maifan Stone Beds, 4 Topaz Beds, 3 Germanium Beds, 3 Tourmaline Beds.


BLACK SILICA /KO-YOHSEKI ROCK SAUNAImmerse yourself in a Deep Forest glow, as Black Silica and Ko-Yohseki rocks enrich the air with beneficial molecules. This wet sauna employs color therapy and the natural healing power of negative-ion charged air; lifting the mood and refreshing the body. You can feel the benefits of healthy perspiration and better blood circulation.

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits from 14 Beds including; 4 Black Silica Beds, 4 Ko-Yohseki Beds, 3 Germanium Beds and 3 Tourmaline Beds.


MONGOLIAN/HIMALAYAN ROCK SALT DRY SAUNAThe pinkish orange Himalayan/Mongolian Rock Salt is considered to be “Sacred Salt”. Fans of Himalayan salt claim that it delivers a profound sense of rejuvenation and reduction in inflammation. Salt rocks are warmed from behind to attract moisture from the air to the rock surface and evaporates quickly. This process produces negative ions which neutralize positive ions from pollutants, allergens, dirt and other toxins, so they can no longer be airborne.

Far Infrared Rays generated by Mongolian Rock and Yellow Ocher warm the body gently and penetrate deeply, promoting cellular metabolism and discharge of sebum.

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits from 6 Himalayan/Mongolian Rock Salt beds.


GEMSTONE-POWERED DRY SAUNAOur Gemstone-powered Dry Sauna utilizes the healing benefits of Jade, Coral and Rose Quartz. Jade is known as the “healer’s stone” which clarifies, improves mental alertness, decreases stress and is a must for any anti-aging program. While the fatigue-fighting air ions fill the sauna, jade infrared rays warm the body from the inside out, penetrating deep into the muscles and giving you a great sense of relaxation.

The infrared spectrum also has a profound positive effect on the immune system due to its detoxifying action on the body; essential for optimal health.

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits from 6 gemstone-powered beds.

Cool-Down Lounge

“Sai” Cool-Down Lounge

Healing and Relaxation Area

Healing and Relaxation Area

Rocks and Gemstones for Ganban-yoku, Rock Sauna


TourmalineTourmaline gemstone is a semi-precious mineral with colors ranging from magenta to yellow and even black. It has the uncommon and very special power to generate an electric charge, emit negative ions and far infrared rays; which are invisible waves of energy.

Far infrared rays created by tourmaline can penetrate all layers of the human body and reach the inner tissues of muscles and bone. It can produce the same resonance in the body normally found in water. This form of resonance absorption is said to help relieve stress, increase alertness, stimulate blood circulation, boost the immune system and detoxify your mind and body.

Enjoy at: Ladies Only Maifan Rock Sauna
Black Silica/Koyohseki Rock Sauna


GermaniumGermanium primary properties include promoting cellular regeneration, improving metabolism, and stimulating the circulation. These assets can help to relieve muscle tension and reduce fatigue. It can bring about healthy functional effects; balancing body’s ions and removing positive ions.

Once in contact with the human body, negative ions from millions of Germanium atoms will attract the harmful positively charged ions from the body. As a result, Germanium’s negative-charge ions help blood purification in balancing positive and negative ions within the body. This is done by “sweating” induced by Ganban-yoku.

Enjoy at: Ladies Only Maifan Rock Sauna
Black Silica/Koyohseki Rock Sauna

Black Silica

Black SilicaGanban-yoku, a dry form of bathing, has been gaining in popularity in Japan in recent years. Black Silica stones used in this process generate infrared rays which deeply warm the body from within. In just 15 minutes, the black silica stimulates the body’s cells and encourages perspiration. This can promote better metabolism, detoxification and cell regeneration, which may assist in weight loss.

Black Silica was formed millions years ago at the bottom of the ocean and is recognized as one of the world’s rarest natural ores. The Kaminokuni region of Hokkaido, Japan, is the birth place of Black Silica which is believed to contain many healing characteristics. The effects emitted by the combination of negative ions and far infrared rays released in black silica are reported to:
Benefit the skin
Lower blood pressure
Boost the immune system
Help with weight loss

Enjoy at: Black Silica/Koyohseki Rock Sauna


ko-yohekiKo-Yoseki has the ability to emit a highly-evaluated far infrared rays, resonance vibration, thermal conductivity and anti-bacterial properties. Highly regarded Ko-Yohseki stones generate infrared rays which deeply warm the body from within. Its effective thermal conductivity can also transmit heat evenly to your body. As a result, Ko-Yohseki stones encourage healthy perspiration and cell rejuvenation which your whole body can benefit.

Ko-Yohseki’s characteristics of far infrared rays, efficient thermal conductivity and anti-bacterial properties are considered to be the best and most effective combination for Ganban-yoku Rock Sauna.

Enjoy at: Black Silica/Koyohseki Rock Sauna

Maifan Stone

maifan stoneMaifan stone is a kind of compound mineral; toxic-free and often used in medical use. Maifan Stone, also known as “bakuhanseki” is fragrant, warm, free of chemicals, and contains a special mineral used in Chinese medicine to treat various diseases such as skin tumors and ulcers. Maifan stone was brought from China to Japan and South Korea and subsequently has gained the reputation as a “Stone of Health”. In China, it has been used for water filtration in showers and baths.
The Maifan Stone contains up to 70 trace elements and micro-nutrient elements, such as potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, copper and selenium; all essential for a healthy body. Maifan stone has the ability to help adjust the body’s pH by dissolving amino acids.

Enjoy at: Ladies Only Maifan Rock Sauna


jadeJade is known as the “healer’s stone” whose characteristics have been believed to sharpen mental alertness and decrease stress; a must for any anti- aging program. Heated jade stone can activate more of the jade’s properties, which are easily absorbed by the body to promote metabolism and improve natural bodily function. As a result, heated jade’s far infrared rays penetrate deeper into the muscles giving you a greater sense of relaxation. The jade sauna relaxes and warms the body through perspiration expelling toxins and producing a profoundly positive effect on the immune system.

Enjoy at:
Gemstone-Powered Dry Sauna
Ladies Only Maifan Rock Sauna

Rose Quartz

rose quartzRose Quartz is one of the most common varieties of the Quartz family. It is an excellent heart-healing gemstone and a natural remedy for any issue that needs emotional healing. It is said that rose quartz is a stone of love, tenderness and sensuality, which has a powerful aphrodisiac effect; stimulating sensual imagination.

Enjoy at: Gemstone-Powered Dry Sauna

Yellow Ocher

yellow ocherYellow Ocher promotes healthy perspiration and improves blood circulation, which is said to expel cholesterol and body fat four times as much as perspiration from sports activities. Reported benefits include relieving the effects of stress, thereby helping your body to balance and heal itself.

Enjoy at: Mongolian/Himalayan Rock Salt Dry Sauna

Himalayan Rock Salt from Mongolia

himalayan rock salt from mongoliaHimalayan rock salt formed 380 million years ago due to early seismic activity of the Earth which resulted in isolating part of the sea. The sea water evaporated, crystalized, heaped up, and finally became the origins of Himalayan Rock Salt. Himalayan Rock Salt is mined from ancient sea beds, so it is pure from modern environmental toxins. It improves hydration by providing trace minerals, plus unique anti-aging effects.

Enjoy at: Mongolian/Himalayan Rock Salt Dry Sauna



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    Manyo-An Restaurant
  • family lounge and eatery
    Family Lounge and Eatery
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Get some rest

Manyo Club offers the best solution to release your daily stress: delicious cuisine to please your palete, pristine hot spring water from renowned Yugawara Onsen, and wide array of spa facilities and services. Our guest rooms are appointed to accommodate your preference: Japanese or Western-style. Manyo Club guests are free to visit our Relaxation Lounge at any time. Cocoon yourself in a luxurious lounge chair in the softly lit environment and simply relax or enjoy your own private TV.

Cool-Down Lounge

Cool-Down Lounge

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    Relaxation Lounge
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    Japanese-Style Rental Room
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    Japanese-style Guest Rooms
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    Guest Rooms
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    Private Capsule Cabin
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    Special Room (Members only)

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Spa and Wellness

  • Reflexology 3.Reflexology Body Care
  • Amoi Oil TherapyAmoi Oil Therapy Chinese Foot and Heel Therapy
  • Asian Body Exfoliation Asian Body Exfoliation Body in Balance Salon: Hip & Pelvis Stretches
  • Asian Body Exfoliation Asian Body Exfoliation Korean Yomogi (Mugwort) Herb Steam Sauna

1.Lymphatic Oil Massage

Lymphatic Oil Massage Hours of Operation:Open 12-hours per day, from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

You can enjoy a lymphatic drainage massage performed to improve lymphatic flow by breaking down and eliminating toxins.

2.Bali-style Day Spa

Hours of Operation: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 midnight

If you are looking for physical rejuvenation or anti-aging beauty treatments, this salon is the perfect place for you. We offer head-to-toe beauty treatments in a luxurious Bali-style setting.

The Bride to Be Package is designed to help you shine on your wedding day. Ease pre-ceremony jitters with a stress-busting Well-Being Oil Massage, delivered by one of our expert massage therapists. This relaxing treatment will leave you glowing and vibrant, and ready to fully embrace your special day.


Reflexology Hours of Operation:Open 15-hours per day, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine, and based on the concept that certain points on the feet are closely linked to specific organs and systems throughout the body.
Experience this relaxing British Reflexology method to reduce muscle tension, improve lymphatic flow and promote a sense of well-being.

Our treatment begins with a refreshing foot cleanse. Then, relax and experience a feeling of tranquility as your therapist applies a light, moisturizing oil, and manipulates the reflex zones of the feet. This unique massage alleviates foot soreness and fatigue and revitalizes the entire body.

5.Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Hours of Operation:Open 18-hours per day, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.

Our unique massage treatment allows you to leave the stress of daily life behind. Relax in a tranquil treatment room as an expert massage therapist soothes away muscle tension and fatigue. The session includes deep-tissue massage to relieve body stiffness and promote healthy blood flow. To maximize your experience, combine your massage with a reflexology treatment and enjoy the ultimate benefits offered by our method.

6.Thai-style Massage

Thai-style Massage Hours of Operation:Open 18-hours per day, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.

Thai-style massage therapy has been used for more than 2,000 years to improve health and well-being. This healing art uses assisted stretches and rhythmic compression of pressure-points along the body’s energy pathways, known as Sen Lines. Our therapists use their thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet to loosen the joints and relax the body. Reported benefits include improved blood circulation and lymphatic flow, and increased range of motion.

7.Amoi Oil Therapy

Amoi Oil Therapy Hours of Operation:Open 15-hours per day, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Relax and unwind as a professional massage therapist eases away muscle tension and stress and restores balance to your body. Your therapist will use warm palms to apply a light, refreshing oil to target areas and perform an effective lymphatic drainage massage. Target areas may include the back, shoulders, neck and face. A specialized foot massage is also offered. Amoi Oil Therapy seeks to improve blood circulation, promote better lymphatic flow, and unleash the natural healing energy of your body.

Expand the experience of your expert’s hands by relieving muscle tension from your entire body with the application of refreshing oil.

8.Body Exfoliation Salon

Body Exfoliation Salon Hours of Operation:Open 15-hours per day, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

This unique Asian body treatment begins with full-body exfoliation of complexion-dulling, dead skin cells. Then, you are treated to a purifying lymphatic massage and an antioxidant seaweed wrap.The detoxification program purifies your skin, leaving it smooth and glowing from head to toe.