Manyo Club
The right choice for your trip to Japan
Manyo Kyoto will put an unforgettable crowning touch on your tour of Japan. Once you step inside, you will find yourself surrounded by a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere which makes you forget about your daily life. Aspiring to be a hot spring resort in the city, we invite you to relax and enjoy your time at Kyoto Takenosato Onsen Manyo- no-Yu, whether you are planning a day trip or an overnight stay.
The transparent, odorless, and colorless hot water which abundantly fills the spacious bath has a silky touch and is gentle on the skin, warms the body from the core, and seems to heal even the soul. This is unmistakably a natural, high-quality hot spring. The two types of hot springs flowing from Takenosato are said to be among the finest in Kyoto. Natural Hot Springs
Three types of stay to choose from At Kyoto Takenosato Onsen Manyo-no-Yu, we offer three types to suit every kind of guest. For families, friends, and couples who want to enjoy the feeling of a relaxing hot spring trip, we offer an “Overnight Stay” option. For those who cannot spend a large amount of time but still want to enjoy the hot springs and delicious meals, we offer “Day Trip” option. For those who are looking for both cost- effectiveness and relaxation, please use the “Relaxation Room,” where you can stay until morning with only a late-night charge. Enjoy the healing power of an authentic hot spring bath according to your own travel style.
Various types of rooms and package plans are available to suit all types of travelers, including families and couples. This is ideal for stays in Kyoto where you want to experience every aspect of the city. 01. Relax with an overnight stay.
For those who cannot spend enough time to stay overnight but still wish to be pampered in a hot spring bath. We have rental rooms with open-air baths, so you can truly enjoy the feeling of a hot spring trip. 02. Enjoy the authentic hot spring bath on a day trip.
Watch TV or take a nap. A full-flat reclining chair gently cradles your tired body. (*After 3:00 a.m., a late-night fee will be charged.) 03. Stay in the Relaxation Room until the morning.
The use of carefully selected ingredients, healthy and well-balanced nutrition, and beautiful presentation are what Japanese cuisine is all about. Japanese food is now enjoyed all over the world, but the best cuisine is prepared by trained professionals right here in Japan. The authentic Japanese cuisine served at Kyoto Takenosato Onsen Manyo-no-Yu will be a memorable part of your trip. Enjoy authentic Japanese food!
Enjoy hot spring fashion! Onsen are a part of traditional Japanese culture that the Japanese people have loved and nurtured since mythical times. The yukata dates back to the Heian period (794-1185) and is a summer kimono unique to Japan that has evolved over time to the present day. Manyo Club adds new value to this traditional costume and proposes it as a fashionable wear that can be enjoyed especially at hot springs.
The set admission is a discounted price that includes bathing fees, a yukata, bath towel, towel, and use of the facilities. A fee of ¥550 (including tax) is charged for small child (under 3 years old) yukata rentals. Additional ¥100 bathing tax charged. (Not charged for elementary school aged children and under.) Persons under the age of 18 and high school students must be accompanied by a guardian to enter or use the facilities. Set admission Morning bathing Additional late-night fee ¥ 990 ¥ 990 Free Free ¥ 1,270 ¥ 1,270 ¥ 2,730 ¥ 1,370 Adults Children Small children Under 3 years ( junior high school  students and above ) ( elementary school students ) ( 3 to preschool age ) Additional late night fee times 3 : 00 a.m. and later *After 3:00 a.m., an additional late-night fee will be charged. Additional ¥2,000 charge Additional ¥1,100 charge Free Additional ¥1,100 charge Guests with tattoos, tattoo stickers, or body paint will be refused entry unless covered according to Manyo rules. Please ask the staff for further details.
Kyoto is a city that maintains traditional Japanese culture and scenery. You will enjoy the atmosphere that changes with the seasons, a rich natural environment nearby, and townscapes that look like something you would see in a period drama. It also offers easy access to popular tourist facilities. Where is Kyoto?
View on Google Maps 2-4 Higashi Sakaidani-cho, Oharano, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto 610-1143 TEL: 075-333-4126
No outside food or beverages are allowed. Exceptions are made for persons with allergies and for baby food only. - - - - - - - - Persons with tattoos, tattoo stickers, and body paint, are not allowed in the building unless they follow our rules. Please talk to staff for further details. Persons affiliated with organized crime, intoxicated persons, persons with skin conditions, persons with infectious diseases, and pets are not allowed in the building. We ask that children who wear diapers (including training pants) and elderly guests who wear diapers refrain from using the large public baths. For an additional fee, some shops offer private baths. (Baby baths for families are also available, which may be used by the above persons.) We ask that guests under 18 years of age refrain from visiting on their own (high schoolers on their own). Thank you for your cooperation. Underage visitors must be accompanied by a guardian (for day trip bathing and overnight stays). We ask that wheelchair users be accompanied by a caretaker of the same sex. Please refrain from bathing if you have your period. Please take care not to lose your locker key, guest room key, or card key. If you lose your changing room locker key (wrist band) changing room key, shoe locker key, guest room key, or card key, a lock or card replacement fee will be charged. Please make sure to keep your key on your person at all times. Notice for Users of Manyo Club
2-4 Higashi Sakaidani-cho, Oharano, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto 610-1143 TEL: 075-333-4126 Kyoto Takenosato Onsen Manyo-no-Yu Open 24 hours a day, year-round